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Water Mitigation Services: FOP Lodge Hall Flood

It just had to happen eventually.  The weather got too cold and the water pipes broke.  Cue the flood of water, the soaking wet carpets, and the rush to find a water mitigation provider.  Of course, all the companies are swamped with calls and there were still buildings that needed saving from the torrent of water running down the carpets and into the buildings furnishing.  Enter JT's Carpet Cleaning.  Top of the line equipment and the ability to extract up to 800 square feet of carpet per hour, the team at JT's worked tirelessly through the night and day to save every building they could from this winter disaster.  Shown here is one success story from that fateful day in winter 2018.  While you may not see all the details in the videos and pictures, the JT's team took great care to set up air movers, commercial dehumidifiers, and apply bacterial and mold stopping solutions to the carpets and soft surfaces affected by the water in this building.  This is the level of expertise and quality you get when you book water mitigation services from JT's Carpet Cleaning.  Competence and value, that's the JT's promise.





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